[Snippet] Adding your custom taxonomy to post/page list in WordPress

Custom Taxonomies are amazing for organising your post data. Here’s a simple way of showing your custom taxonomies on the post/page list in wp-admin.

In the image below you can see we are now showing the custom taxo Brand in the post list.


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Automatic Photo Blogging with WordPress

My latest WordPress challenge was to automate a photo blog site. The photo blog post content would just consist of a title and a featured image. No content. As per normal photo blog style sites.

This solution takes an image at random from a folder and posts it in WordPress. It relies on a healthy collection of images to work from.

Really simply, it needed to select a photo at random and post it. Sounds easy, until to you start to code it.

Here’s my solution.

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Removing all comment functionality in WordPress

As more and more people adopt WordPress as a CMS, more and more of the original blog functionality is becoming redundant. Comments are one of.

Here is how to conclusively remove all comment functions in WordPress

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WordPress Opengraph and Microdata Generation without a plugin

Its really useful to have Opengraph (Facebook) and Microdata (Twitter) information in your blog header.

The Facebook Opengraph and Schema.org microdata lets you optimize your blog much more better and helps search engines to index your website better to show rich snippet.

It also lets Facebook and Twitter users to share your blog with proper title, description, url and image.

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[Snippet] Matching hash tags in Twitter content

Here’s a super simple way of matching hash tag content in a tweet.
Perhaps you want to store hash tags as WordPress tags? Or simply transform how they are displayed?


Where $data->text is your tweet string.


Strictly Auto Tags Plugin & Custom Posts

The Strictly Auto Tags plugin for WordPress does a fantastic job at automatically tagging content so your authors don’t have to. Most of the time it creates useful and usable tags with no intervention.

It’s only downfall is it doesn’t work with Custom Post Types.

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Neil Anthony Kitchens

Neil Anthony approached me in May of 2010, their brief was simple, create a site that reflected the class and high quality kitchens they designed and installed, make the site clear, crisp, informative, easy to navigate and most importnatly easy to update by the client. Iachieved all of these goals and the staff at NA who weren’t particulalry PC literate regularly updat etheir site to reflect new product and special offers.