WordPress Opengraph and Microdata Generation without a plugin

Its really useful to have Opengraph (Facebook) and Microdata (Twitter) information in your blog header.

The Facebook Opengraph and Schema.org microdata lets you optimize your blog much more better and helps search engines to index your website better to show rich snippet.

It also lets Facebook and Twitter users to share your blog with proper title, description, url and image.

There are loads of plugins available to do this, but why use a plugin when its only a few lines of code? Continue reading “WordPress Opengraph and Microdata Generation without a plugin”

[Snippet] Clearing forms with Javascript

When creating forms on a website it is helpful to place descriptive text with some of the form fields to help the user understand what they should type in the box. I can never remember the Javascript to do it

[codesyntax lang=”html4strict”]
<input value=”Username” onclick=”this.value=”” type=”text”>