[Snippet] Simplified UK/US Date Conversion

One of my major annoyances in PHP & MySQL world is the different formats when working with dates.

US format: mm-dd-yy, UK format: dd-mm-yy and MySQL’s date,datetime, timestamp columns yy-mm-dd. How do you cope with them all? I’ve been working on a rich UI recently which includes the jQuery date picker, by default thats in US format. UK users expect a date in UK format. Continue reading “[Snippet] Simplified UK/US Date Conversion”

mod_geoip Revisted including stopping spam in phpBB 2

I’ve recently moved a client’s forum onto a new cPanel server, previously it was on a home-brew Ubuntu server.
So I had to install mod_geoip onto cPanel in CentOS. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

First off, we need to download the GeoIP libraries. Continue reading “mod_geoip Revisted including stopping spam in phpBB 2”