[Snippet] Tuning / Tweaking MySQL

There are a couple of good scripts out there that will help you to tune your mysql usage for better perfomance.  I’ve used both of these, and they are very intuative.  Personally, I prefer the latter, however, I still use both for tweaking.


OK, so not the most original blog post ever, but useful all the same.
“This script takes information from “SHOW STATUS LIKE…” and “SHOW VARIABLES LIKE…”
to produce sane recomendations for tuning server variables.” Continue reading “[Snippet] Tuning / Tweaking MySQL”

SSH Authentication with Pageant for extra laziness

So you’ve read Key-Based SSH Logins With PuTTY but can’t be bothered typing in your private key passphrase each time? No problem, pageant can solve that – it can remember stuff so you don’t have to Continue reading “SSH Authentication with Pageant for extra laziness”

[Snippet] Forcing Replication Between Domain Controllers

…because some people still don’t know!

  1. Open Active Directory Sites and Services.
  2. In the console tree, expand Sites, and then expand the site to which you want to force replication from the updated server.
  3. Expand the Servers container to display the list of servers that are currently configured for that site.
  4. Expand the server objects and click their NTDS Settings objects to display their connection objects in the details pane. Find a server that has a connection object from the server on which you made the updates.
  5. Click NTDS Settings below the server object. In the details pane, right-click the connection object whose From Server is the domain controller that has the updates that you want to replicate, and then click Replicate Now.
  6. When the Replicate Now message box appears, review the information, and then click OK.

That is all!

Cleaning up Deleted Items Automatically from Exchange

Do you want to automatically delete Deleted Items in Outlook/Exchange or delete any type of mail over a certain age?

You can use Mailbox Manager to create a recipient policy to automatically delete all messages from users Deleted Items folder, at an interval you specify. Continue reading “Cleaning up Deleted Items Automatically from Exchange”