Getting YouTube thumbnails for HTML

It’s so simple to embed a YouTube video, with thumbnail into your site. Ditch any clever PHP scripts or completed jQuery libraries.

So you have a Youtube video –

Take the video ID t4_dZPVg8KI and craft yourself a link to YouTube’s image server;

You have a choice of 1.jpg or 2.jpg or 3.jpg

How easy is that!

Remove Shopp Javascript from non-Shopp pages

Following on from a post on the Shopp forum regarding this, a few people are having issues with the Shopp scripts conflicting with some other plugins.

The best way to solve this is to only enable Shopp Javascript on the Shopp pages.

Also good practice to keep page load times down to a minimum. Continue reading “Remove Shopp Javascript from non-Shopp pages”

Multiple loops or making your own loop in WP-Ecommerce

A client of mine needed a feature that could only be solved with a second WP-Ecommerce loop and another feature that required looping WP-Ecommerce out of it’s comfort zone (index.php)

You could use this code for custom loops, for example newest products, top selling products, newest products in a category. Continue reading “Multiple loops or making your own loop in WP-Ecommerce”