WordPress Auto Install Script for cPanel

I have released version one of my WordPress Auto Install Script for cPanel.

This script can be run from /scripts/postwwwacct to automatically download, install WordPress and create the required database and database username.
No 3rd party licenses, scripts, FTP sessions. No outdated versions, always grabs the latest version from WordPress.org

This script is available upon request for £50. Get in touch for details.


Advanced Policy Firewall (for cPanel)

More retro software that has been with us for years – APF – Advanced Policy Firewall. A brilliantly robust and fool proof Linux script that acts as a wrapper for iptables.

Here’s how I configure it for all the WHM/cPanel boxes I commission, although you can configure it for non-cPanel servers, just adjust your ports accordingly. Continue reading “Advanced Policy Firewall (for cPanel)”

Really freakin’ simple mysql virtual hosting pure-ftpd

This article will guide you through installing pure-ftpd configured for virtual hosts using mysql as the authentication mechanism. It assumes you have a functioning Linux server running mysql already. Continue reading “Really freakin’ simple mysql virtual hosting pure-ftpd”