Using custom CSS in cForms

Pretty much every WordPress installation I’ve done in the last few years has got cForms installed. Its one of the must have plugins.

Many people are unaware of the custom CSS options available in cForms. Ever edited a default style and lost it during an upgrade? Annoying isn’t it?

Here’s how you make a custom, upgrade proof CSS skin for your cForms. Continue reading “Using custom CSS in cForms”

SSL/HTTPS for Shopp pages or checkout process only

Shopp currently doesn’t redirect you to any SSL/HTTPS pages during any part of the checkout process. Technically, if you are using a 3rd party payment provider, it doesn’t need to, but I’d like customers name/address data to be encrypted and secure.

So we need to force SSL on specific pages. Continue reading “SSL/HTTPS for Shopp pages or checkout process only”

mod_geoip Revisted including stopping spam in phpBB 2

I’ve recently moved a client’s forum onto a new cPanel server, previously it was on a home-brew Ubuntu server.
So I had to install mod_geoip onto cPanel in CentOS. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

First off, we need to download the GeoIP libraries. Continue reading “mod_geoip Revisted including stopping spam in phpBB 2”

WP-O-Matic Bug Fixes Round Up

I’ve run into quite a few issues in the latest 1.0RC3-7 release of WP-O-Matic. Here’s a round up of the bug fixes and addons you need to actually this potentially useful product useful!
Also, it includes a well known MySQL bug fix.

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KB_CAPTCHA – CAPTCHA Image Generation in PHP


KB_Captcha is a simple PHP script to generate reasonably safe CAPTCHA image to secure any public facing web application.

KB_Captcha offers the user a whole selection of options;

Protoculous – Prototype and

An unknown Frenchman did a great job at combining and compressing Prototype & into one ultra-small single Javascript file.

At the time of writing he is on version 1.0.2 which includes Prototype 1.5.1 and Scriptaculous 1.7.1 beta 3
The Protoculous file size is 54.6KB

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Nicer Pagination with ADOdb

Or should that be Nicr? To follow in an annoying theme.

Olavo Alexandrino wrote a nice well rounded class for record set pagination in ADOdb. If you’ve ever used ADOdb’s version, you will know it is not very good, to say the least.

Although Olavo did a fantastic job on the logic, the presentation left a little to be desired from my perspective.
I am providing my modifed version for download below, it provides a few logic updates and better presentation.

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