New Site: GamerNode – WordPress Site Migration

I recently had the pleasure of working with a well respected gaming news site – GamerNode.

My challenge was to convert their existing outdated, custom coded CMS (and database) into WordPress.

I did this with a selection of custom scripts and image downloaders to help smoothly migrate from old to new.

Contact me for more information on WordPress Site Migrations.

WordPress Auto Install Script for cPanel

I have released version one of my WordPress Auto Install Script for cPanel.

This script can be run from /scripts/postwwwacct to automatically download, install WordPress and create the required database and database username.
No 3rd party licenses, scripts, FTP sessions. No outdated versions, always grabs the latest version from

This script is available upon request for £50. Get in touch for details.


Detecting yum problems early

Sometimes, yum freaks out. You might get your installation interrupted or some crazy happening which your installed package database goes crazy with duplicate packages or broken dependencies. There is one tool which helps a lot in tracing the problem and its called package-cleanup. This tool is provided by the yum-utils package, so to acquire it,

yum install yum-utils

Several common commands I usually use:

package-cleanup –dupes # list out duplicates
package-cleanup –cleandupes # clean up duplicates
package-cleanup –problems # list out packages with broken dependencies

More options? .. invoke the –help parameter

cPanel MySQL Tuning

The default configuration for MySQL provided by cPanel is pretty barren. /etc/my.cnf

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]
[mysqld] skip-innodb

Thats it. One line. Its rubbish.

Here’s mine to help you along the way. Its got some decent logging set, some decent cache and memory options for a shared server set and some helpful security settings enabled.

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]
max_connections = 200
bind-address =


# MySQL 4.x has query caching available.
# Enable it for vast improvement and it may be all you need to tweak.


# Reduced wait_timeout to prevent idle clients holding connections.

# Checked opened tables and adjusted accordingly after running for a while.

# Reduced it to 32 to prevent memory hogging.

# Reduced it by checking current size of *.MYI files.


log_error = /var/log/mysql/error.log

# log slow queries is a must.






Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin for WordPress25

Patrick Altoft has updated the Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin for WordPress 2.5. A previous post of mine documents the plugin has major issues creating its database table on WordPress 2.5, unfortunately, it would report success causing many sites to throw some major, undetectable errors.

I’m glad to see it’s been updated eventually!

WordPress Suicide

WordPress Suicide is a fun, yet really useful plugin. I had a requirement to clean out a WP 2.5 blog because a client had really screwed up with the taxonomy directly in the database. I didn’t want to erase the entire blog because that’d be too easy. I stumbled over WordPress Suicide and had great fun using it. It makes clearing a blog of all it’s life quite enjoyable!

WordPress Secret Key & Cookie Strength

There is a little known feature in WordPress 2.5 called “Secret Key“. If you’re upgrading from a previous version you probably won’t even know this feature exists as it only appears in clean installs where you have a brand new wp-config.php. Continue reading “WordPress Secret Key & Cookie Strength”