New Site: Lizzie Lane – Hand Selected Beautiful Jewellery and Gifts

Today I completed work on another customer’s site: Lizzie Lane – Hand Selected Beautiful Jewellery and Gifts.

My tasks were to develop some custom templates for it’s Thesis based theme, many Shopp modifications including fixing an XSS issue in Shopp, making Shopp work with SSL (something it does not do out of the box), some CSS work and various other Shopp modifications.


Highlighting current page in WordPress Menus

By default, wp_nav_menu doesn’t create a .current_page_item or .current-menu-item class for certain elements in a wp_nav_menu, for example if you are viewing a custom post type archive or single page.

Here’s some code to fix that. Bang it in functions.php

Don’t forget to create your CSS classes if you already haven’t done so. Continue reading “Highlighting current page in WordPress Menus”

Prevent images from displaying while loading with AnythingSlider

AnythingSlider is just another jQuery slider effect, except we can embed any content as it uses a semantic unordered list HTML (5) structure.

My recent client wanted a mixture of HTML, videos and images, which means you get the nasty flash of the UL elements whilst your browser renders the window. Apparently its called Flash Of Unstyled Content (or FOUC). Whatever. Its called really annoying to me. So here is a bit of code that should be included in the default anythingslider.css but isn’t for some reason.

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Using custom CSS in cForms

Pretty much every WordPress installation I’ve done in the last few years has got cForms installed. Its one of the must have plugins.

Many people are unaware of the custom CSS options available in cForms. Ever edited a default style and lost it during an upgrade? Annoying isn’t it?

Here’s how you make a custom, upgrade proof CSS skin for your cForms. Continue reading “Using custom CSS in cForms”

Chicks dig blokes with groovy login screens

Or how to customise your WordPress login page.

There are three main features you may want to customise on your WordPress login page, whether it’s a finishing touch on a client site, a complete rebrand of WP or just cos you’re bored.

  1. CSS colors, font size etc
  2. Logo
  3. Logo link

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Site Performance Quick Fixes

I’ve been playing around with YSlow for a while now, now I decided to a quick test on this blog.

This blog, according to YSlow rates a frumpy Grade D, with a score of 61. Not bad, but not great.
A bit of .htaccess trickery should give me a few extra points… Excellent Grade C, with a score of 73. Continue reading “Site Performance Quick Fixes”

Essential Mods for CubeCart 4

Estelle has two CubeCart modifications that I would consider essential for any serious store owner.

Firstly, Advanced Contact Forms – any store has a basic requirement for customers to make contact with the store owner.
Like cForms II for WordPress, which I am also a great fan of, Estelle has managed to create a fully flexible form creation package. I purchase a copy for every store I put live. Continue reading “Essential Mods for CubeCart 4”

CubeCart Mod – Side by Side Products Mod

This universal modification allows you to show your products side by side on the “View Category” page instead of the usual table top to bottom view.
Works with both CubeCart 3 and CubeCart 4. Continue reading “CubeCart Mod – Side by Side Products Mod”