SQLyog Query Profiler

MySQL has always lacked the sophisticated profiling tools shipped with proprietary databases like SQL Server, etc. MySQL developers have largely depended on EXPLAIN for tuning queries. The SHOW PROFILE patch by Jeremy Cole was introduced in the MySQL Community version 5.0.37 and it provided much more insight into where the query spends its time. However, to take advantage of this feature, MySQL developers were supposed to switch on profiling, run their queries and then filter the profiling data from a table that contained the profiling results of the last few profiled queries. A lot of manual book-keeping is required to take advantage of this powerful feature. In an ideal situation, the MySQL developer should execute the queries and the profiling info should be available along with the result-set. Unfortunately, none of the MySQL client tools (desktop or web-based) provide intrinsic support for this feature.

Watch the Screencast on Query Profiler.


Author: Kieran Barnes

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