CV – I will write good code for money.

CVs are pointless. Apparently I need one.
Employers and agencies, please assume most CVs are full of lies or at best exaggerations of the truth! Most are border-line perjury. Whats the point?
As a freelance web developer, a CV is mostly pointless. I can’t list every job I do. It will be too long, you won’t read it. If I don’t list every job, you wonder why there are gaps. Not everything I work on is CV worthy. How do I make that decision? Do I put in every technology, acronym and buzzword I’ve used over the last 16 years? It would look like my dog had walked over the keyboard and be totally unreadable. Do I edit it each time to second guess the recruitment agency or employer?

I can adapt to new systems, I can understand existing systems, obscure APIs. Name some type of interaction specific to your business? I’ve probably done something very similiar to it before. There’s very little new in the world of PHP programming. Just different ways of achieving the same goal. No right, no wrong.

Good quality code? You won’t see it anyway.
Prestigious client? I can’t tell you, I have an NDA to honour.
Great project that I found interesting? What if you don’t?

So here’s my CV:

Kieran Barnes’ CV – I will write good code for money.

It’s useful and truthful.

Want more? About me.

Still want more? Read my blog.
Want a specific skill set? Filter for a category.
Don’t understand it? Pass it to someone that does!
Want samples? Look at my past projects on my blog. Need more than screenshots or buzzwords? Read my blog. It is very difficult to present an accurate portfolio of work to non-programmers.

Some clients: Premier League / English Table Tennis Association / Chorley FM / Salford City Council / Salford City Stadium / The Arts Council / The MCL Group / Fix8 Group / Mesh Internet / ITIS Holdings plc / Oxfam / BT / HBoS / Hill Hire plc / Lloyds TSB Group / Ryder plc  plus n more that I can’t mention!


Kieran is a great developer, he aids us in the more complex areas of PHP and any bespoke development.

I have commissioned a number of projects with Kieran and in all instances he completed those projects on time and on budget. I will continue to use Kieran’s services and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Kieran is without doubt the finest programmer / designer I have ever known.

Expert design work and after sales second to none. You’re our web guy forever.

Kieran has provided programming and web design software and services for me since 1996, during this time I have found his work to be of exemplary standard and I highly recommend him.

Lime have designed, built and updated my four websites for a number of years now and I wouldn’t take my business anywhere else. Most importantly for myself their after sales service is second to none.