[Snippet] Formatting a currency string

The Shopp ecommerce plugin for WordPress has a little annoying “feature” that returns the product price as a string pre-formatted for your region and currency.

I needed to do some maths on the string value, so some hacking was required to remove all theĀ  non-alphanumeric-but-not-decimal-points. Continue reading “[Snippet] Formatting a currency string”

Shopp Alternative Google Base Feed

So you’re running a Shopp, you’re going to need a Google Base Feed to stand a chance of attracting traffic.

I got upset at the amount of hacking required to make the Google Base feed (/shop/feed) work correctly.

Google constantly change the requirements for the products feed and it doesn’t seem possible to nicely modify the built in RSS feed for Google. Continue reading “Shopp Alternative Google Base Feed”

Custom Shopp Gallery

Hot off the press, here is a reformatted Shopp gallery function to overcome the current gallery function.

Firstly the code gets a larger cover image, then checks to see if there are more images and loops over to create smaller, clickable thumbnails.

Combine with FancyBox (jQuery) or your other *box script

Continue reading “Custom Shopp Gallery”

SEO Title Tags for Shopp

Shopp’s default title tags are fine, but get down to some hard core SEO tuning, they simply don’t cut it.

Here’s some code I lifted and modified from the Shopp forums to make the title tags SEO friendly.

See http://forums.shopplugin.net/topic/customizing-catalog-page-titles-please-help for more info.

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