WP-o-Matic Upgrade Fix

So I rolled out some WP-o-Matic upgrades recently. I was all excited that version 1.0RC3-7 had been released. One upgrade went fine, one freaked out – it would run the cron fine, an improvement on the previous version, but it wouldn’t process campaigns. The problem turns out to be the getCampaigns function in wpomatic.php Continue reading “WP-o-Matic Upgrade Fix”

Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin for WordPress25

Patrick Altoft has updated the Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin for WordPress 2.5. A previous post of mine documents the plugin has major issues creating its database table on WordPress 2.5, unfortunately, it would report success causing many sites to throw some major, undetectable errors.

I’m glad to see it’s been updated eventually!

WordPress Suicide

WordPress Suicide is a fun, yet really useful plugin. I had a requirement to clean out a WP 2.5 blog because a client had really screwed up with the taxonomy directly in the database. I didn’t want to erase the entire blog because that’d be too easy. I stumbled over WordPress Suicide and had great fun using it. It makes clearing a blog of all it’s life quite enjoyable!

WordPress Secret Key & Cookie Strength

There is a little known feature in WordPress 2.5 called “Secret Key“. If you’re upgrading from a previous version you probably won’t even know this feature exists as it only appears in clean installs where you have a brand new wp-config.php. Continue reading “WordPress Secret Key & Cookie Strength”

Redirecting WordPress index.php to root

If you check the Page Rank of http://bloke.org against http://bloke.org/index.php, which are both, to a human, obviously the same page you’ll see two different results. My domain carries a PR3 whilst the latter carries a PR0.

We know they are both the same, but do the crawlers? No, they don’t. Continue reading “Redirecting WordPress index.php to root”

Crawl Rate Tracker and WordPress 2.5

I really like Patrick Altoft’s Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin for WordPress. I rolled it out on many of my sites and more of my client’s sites. I even used it on this site.

But my love for it was prematurely cut short. Continue reading “Crawl Rate Tracker and WordPress 2.5”

Removing WordPress plugin references

I’d like remove all references WordPress plugins put into my HTML code.
Am I selfish? Or just prudent about security?

Whilst I am in no way against plugin authors advertising themselves in the HTML code of any WordPress blogs I set up (for myself, i9000 Networks, or clients), I still feel a little concerned that the more devious of web users can instantly gain a list of plugins I use, to potentially exploit.

Continue reading “Removing WordPress plugin references”