Reverse Hold (Callback Requests) with Asterisk and PHP

Ever wonder how the “Request Callback” buttons work when they call you as requested after filling in form? Or need to write one?

Simply, I created a script that creates a .call file in the correct format in a location that Asterisk monitors for outbound calls.

Here is how I did it with PHP and Asterisk. Continue reading “Reverse Hold (Callback Requests) with Asterisk and PHP”

How Do I Change The Way Public Numbers Are Displayed In Interface?

When using the 4PSA VoIPNow interface there was nothing more annoying and confusing that it displaying phone numbers in a funky American format that none of us could read without squinting.

Its also confusing for customers who are viewing their reports online. Continue reading “How Do I Change The Way Public Numbers Are Displayed In Interface?”

Yealink T22/T24/T28 Logo Customisation

There is a little known feature in the latest firmware release for Yealink T22/T24/T28 phones. Sure you can do this already with Cisco phones, ask your local brain surgeon.

Yealink have made it super simple to change the logo displayed on their T22/T24/T28 handsets, well almost.

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STUN Session Traversal Utilities for NAT

STUN might well save your VoIP ass. We’ve been experiencing more and more issues with our VoIP solution with regards to one-way audio. We were convinced it was  NAT issue, in that cheap, crappy twenty pound routers couldn’t do NAT traversal correctly. Installing an over-powered pfSense box didn’t solve the problem. Continue reading “STUN Session Traversal Utilities for NAT”