Redirecting WordPress index.php to root

If you check the Page Rank of against, which are both, to a human, obviously the same page you’ll see two different results. My domain carries a PR3 whilst the latter carries a PR0.

We know they are both the same, but do the crawlers? No, they don’t. Continue reading “Redirecting WordPress index.php to root”

Page Rank Updates

Looks like Google have updated their Page Rank recently. My index page has increased from PR0 to PR3!
Its been a mixed bag,my ADODB Documentation Library has increased to PR4 from nothing and my company’s site i9000 Networks has increased from PR2 to PR4. Yet a few sites in the network have reduced, several PR5s have dropped to PR2.

Anyway, I’m happy, I’m PR3, which is the same as John Chow now.