OpenCart is slow with many categories – 2013 Edition

As an update to my 2012 post on OpenCart being slow with many categories, there have been many discussions, 2 , 3. There have been a few solutions offered, all of which have been rejected by the OpenCart developers for some strange reason.

i don’t believe this. i think you have mis understood something.

you shoudl be using indexes and not making new primary keys!

@ChrisAtomix has released OpenCart Turbo. A run-once script that speeds up your OpenCart store, applying the fixes I discussed in 2012 and few other speed up changes.
I’d recommend running this on any OC site, not just sites that are slow right now.

Changing OpenCart file cache to memory

You cannot stop OpenCart writing cache files to disk, usually in the site’s system/cache directory. This can cause OpenCart to appear slow in some circumstances.
There’s a quick and easy fix, just use a tmpfs (memory based file system) for system/cache. Continue reading “Changing OpenCart file cache to memory”

OpenCart is slow with many categories

Pssst – There’s an updated version of this post – OpenCart is slow with many categories – 2013 Edition

There is post after post after post on the OpenCart forums regarding OpenCart being slow with many categories. Its quite disappointing with such a promising product.

I only found this out after importing 2,400 categories for a customer. I wrote two scripts to migrate products and categories from a legacy application to OpenCart. I got as far as importing the 2,400 categories and 16 products when the site ground to a halt. Front and back end load times increased to over 20 seconds. I gave up migrating the other 5,000 products, what was the point until I solved this slow issue. Continue reading “OpenCart is slow with many categories”