Controling Compatibility View in IE

After hours of frustration trying to make some CSS look right for a selection of people using IE8 I gave up.

There has to be a better solution.

Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 include a Compatibility View feature that displays websites that were created for older browsers as they were designed to appear with Internet Explorer 7. You can enable Compatibility View in Internet Explorer, most users don’t even know they are in Compatibility View  – which is where the problems arise! Continue reading “Controling Compatibility View in IE”

[Snippet] Clearing forms with Javascript

When creating forms on a website it is helpful to place descriptive text with some of the form fields to help the user understand what they should type in the box. I can never remember the Javascript to do it

[codesyntax lang=”html4strict”]
<input value=”Username” onclick=”this.value=”” type=”text”>

CubeCart Mod – Show sub-category products on category page

This modification is for CubeCart 3.
It will show all the products belong to the subcategories on the main category page. Confused? Check out the image, it explains all!
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Setting up awstats

I recently setup awstats on two Intranet servers for a client. Local web server log analysis software seems to be going the way of the Big-eared Hopping Mouse.

  • Analog hasn’t been updated in forever.
  • Webalizer hasn’t been updated in forever.
  • Firestats is fantastic, I use this on Internet based sites with Google Analytics
    * It’s AJAX just doesn’t like mod_auth_ntlm or the other way round.

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