CubeCart 5.2.0 Release

What’s New?

  • New “Crosshatch” skin by our friends at Toucan Web design
  • Product Option Stock Levels & SKU’s – A matrix of all possible product options is dynamically generated creating a table to specify stock level and stock codes. Unlike many of our competitor solutions there is NO limit on the amount of option categories! Now with restock note.
  • “Code Snippets” with import tool – This allows code to be added without building a complete plugin and the import tool allows for easy install/update.
  • New “All In One Shipping” Module – This was a very popular add on for v4 allowing very flexible shipping calculations based on price and weight ranges (etc) with zones from country to partial zip/post code.
  • New FedEx Shipping Module
  • Bulk product deletion
  • Custom display ordering of payment gateways & alternate checkouts
  • Custom catalog product listing order
  • Ability to select which payment options are for mobile commerce vs standard ecommerce
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Running CubeCart 4 with PHP 5.3

Some of the code in CubeCart 4 is old, PHP 5.3 is not. So some tweaks are required to get it working correctly.

If you get “Cannot modify header” message you will need to edit the file /, find this line:

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

Change it to:

error_reporting(E_ALL & ~(E_NOTICE | E_DEPRECATED));

Ideally, you should disable magic quotes too as they are disabled in PHP 5.3



Change to (or even delete)

/* @set_magic_quotes_runtime(false); */

CubeCart 5.0 Relased Today!

The long awaited CubeCart 5 has been released today. I was getting worried as it was long over due but based on the RC releases, its been worth the wait!

I’ve been working with the betas and RCs and even have my first CC5 site in development. I’m looking forward to working with it.

Pricing is good too, its still a competitive £150 or a surprisingly cheap £40 upgrade from version 4.
Read the full story.

CubeCart Tax Classes on Product Page

A client of mine sells a mix of VAT and VAT exempt products via a CubeCart 4 store I setup.

Although CubeCart allows this and calculates the VAT right on the checkout process, it doesn’t have any facility to show the customer which tax class the product falls into on the viewProd page.

Annoying. Continue reading “CubeCart Tax Classes on Product Page”

Using WordPress header and footers externally

I needed to integrate a WordPress header (header.php) and footer (footer.php) into an external application.

There are quite a few ways round this, but none are really ideal. For example, if you want to include an external page in WordPress for whatever reason, you could use the Exec-PHP plugin. Simple, hey? No. Continue reading “Using WordPress header and footers externally”