New Site: Paintball Trax

A new simple on the outside, crunchy in the middle WordPress site.
The client had a requirement to replace a poor iPhone photo sharing service. My new system allowed my client to use any smartphone (his iPhone and iPad) and any digital camera to upload photos to his ‘Latest Events’ ready for social sharing.

Using Dropbox as a middle man, the custom Dropbox/WordPress application will take any images from any devices, organised on Dropbox (via the Windows or native apps) and then automatically optimised & uploaded to the WordPress site, ready for social sharing.

New Site: Instant Ping Pong

Home   Instant Ping Pong

A new WordPress site for the English Table Tennis Association highlighting there new Instant Ping Pong campaign.





The site features a unique Twitter tweet & photo feeder which scrapes Twitter for images and tweets tagged with the #instantpingpong hash tag. Once approved in the admin the images and tweets appear on the site.

All custom code. No plugins to see here! Why no plugin? Easy, no plugin allows the site administrators to approve hashtagged tweets prior to publishing. This avoids any abusive/unfriendly images appearing on your site.


The fully integrated WordPress admin panel offers a recognisable and simple interface to manage the tweets and approving them before they appear on the site.Photo Tweets ‹ Instant Ping Pong — WordPress

Compare More Deals

Voted the Mail’s Money Website of the Week in November 2011

Compare More Deals (Manchester)
Date: June 2011
Team: Developer (Myself), Designer, Developer, Project Manger

  • Custom MVC PHP application
  • XML feed aggregation from bespoke formats into single format
  • Server build (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Varnish, APC)
  • Bespoke image management system
  • Won “Money Website of the Week Award”