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Installing mytop on cpanel

MyTop is one of the best MySQL monitoring tools available, written by a MySQL guru, Jeremy Zawodny. Its vital for monitoring your MySQL health, especially in a shared hosting environment.

Ubuntu Upgrades

Here is a really simple way of upgrading your Ubuntu system. After the initial setup, upgrading to Karmic or Intrepid is a one liner.

The tap in the Kitchen

A fantasticaly inexplicable email appeared today. Please can you make sure that when you turn the tap off in the kitchen you don’t turn it till it stops dripping. It’s meant to drip & people have been struggling to turn it back on. Regards

Installing mod_evasive on cPanel and/or Apache

This guide details how to install mod_evasive on cPanel to help protect against DDOS attacks, brute force attacks  and other irritants. It uses an internal hash table of IPs and URLs and can temporarily block web requests to anyone requesting a large number of page views, or making many concurrent requests. Properly configured it can help evade DDOS attacks and keep your customers happy. You can integrate it with iptables and hardware firewalls.. Read More

Enabling mod_deflate/gzip globally on cPanel

There’s far too many reasons to mention why you should enable mod_deflate to gzip your content served by Apache. Simply put, it makes it go fast. You can enable mod_deflate in cPanel really easily with /scripts/easyapache. Easy.

[Snippet] Connecting to Windows 2008 Server from XP

By default, Windows 2008 requires Network Level Authentication to connect via RDP/Terminal Services. This is not supported on Windows XP.  It is supported on XP SP3 but its a dirty hack to get working. Try it if you like. Or, change the security settings on Windows 2008, select Allow connections from computers running any version Remote Desktop (less secure). This also works for XP -> Vista connections.

Installing Windows Server 2008 on PERC 4/DC

Got an older server like a Dell PowerEdge 2850 or a 2900 that you want to install Windows Server 2008 on? You’ll need to provide extra drivers for Windows to see the PERC RAID array. I downloaded the Windows 2003 PERC 4/DC drivers from Dell.